The Simple Beleives everything- Proverbs

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Welcome back my beautiful people! Today quote comes from Proverbs 14:15. While reading this quote I thought to myself, who and where would I be if I beleived everything that was ever said to me? I’d probaly be lost physiaclly and definately mentally.When your soul is so vulnerable it’s so easy to let the negative things sink right into us. Being vulnerable is like an open wound that’s just waitng for a infection to happen. At times we don’t even know it but we just let these negative energy pour right into our lives and let so much damage happen. The world is full of lies and deciet so it’s only best if I warn you about it now. Don’t beileve everything that is said to you! Need I repeat it again? The only person you want to be vulnerable for is G.O.D. Think anout it, what do you want for your future? Don’t think about what mom wants you to become after college or what everyone is expecting of you. WHAT DO YOU WANT FOR YOURSELF? You have beautiful and amazing structures that are waiting to shine. If you dont know , that is completely ok. The goal is to not let your mind and body sink into the world lies. Dont be simple and beleive everything. Figure out what you want for yourself. Map it out. WRITE it down. What’s written is real!  Take careful actions into your plans and desires. I love you guys and until next time. Don’t forget! You are alive and bright its time to let those beautiful structures shine!-Rose

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