The Simple Beleives everything- Proverbs

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Welcome back my beautiful people! Today quote comes from Proverbs 14:15. While reading this quote I thought to myself, who and where would I be if I beleived everything that was ever said to me? I’d probaly be lost physiaclly and definately mentally.When your soul is so vulnerable it’s so easy to let the negative things sink right into us. Being vulnerable is like an open wound that’s just waitng for a infection to happen. At times we don’t even know it but we just let these negative energy pour right into our lives and let so much damage happen. The world is full of lies and deciet so it’s only best if I warn you about it now. Don’t beileve everything that is said to you! Need I repeat it again? The only person you want to be vulnerable for is G.O.D. Think anout it, what do you want for your future? Don’t think about what mom wants you to become after college or what everyone is expecting of you. WHAT DO YOU WANT FOR YOURSELF? You have beautiful and amazing structures that are waiting to shine. If you dont know , that is completely ok. The goal is to not let your mind and body sink into the world lies. Dont be simple and beleive everything. Figure out what you want for yourself. Map it out. WRITE it down. What’s written is real! ┬áTake careful actions into your plans and desires. I love you guys and until next time. Don’t forget! You are alive and bright its time to let those beautiful structures shine!-Rose


Red Flags To Look For in a Relationship !

Hello my beautiful people ! Today I want to talk about some signs to look for in an unhealthy relationship. We all know that every relationship is different. I don’t want to offend or mislead anyone especially if they have an awesome relationship with their partner. Although definitely keep an open mind and be on the look out for what makes you happy and what not. We are all in this together and do not judge anyone at all.

1.First thing first, Lack of communication is a big downside in any relationship whether it be a friendship, dating, or even with family. Communication is tremendously important especially if you want to build a relationship with that person. Sometimes silence is not the golden rule in a relationship. You have to be able to get comfortable and ready to talk about your needs, expectations, and goals as a unit. You have to establish a common ground among each other. For example, do you want to build something serious or be friends with benefits? Either one is fine but just make sure both of you know what you are getting yourself into. Also if you don’t like something that has been done to you or you don’t want being done to you, please let your partner know. A lot of things can be avoided if you just speak up. The goal is for you to TALK, TALK, TALK. So that way a strong foundation is being built.

2. Lack of intimacy. Sometimes it doesn’t ┬ánecessarily mean that you and your partner are not meant to be. It just means you probably have to spice things up a bit. Whether it be a date night, alone time that consists of fulfilling you or your partners sexual fantasies, or anything that helps you guys reconnect spiritually, mentally and/or physically again. Don’t ignore the situation, definitely do something about it if you truly care for the person.

3.Verbal and physical abuse. Any type of abuse is wrong no ifs ands or buts. No matter who you are. You are beautiful and deserve way much better. Most of the time we seem to let verbal abuse just pass us by like it’s nothing. When in reality it’s deteriorating us mentally. It’s not fair to you! If someone has the need to keep on disrespecting you physically or verbally then they definitely do not ┬ádeserve you in their life. You are a gift, you know what you are worth. Don’t let anyone degrade you because of their own problems.

4.Jealousy and insecurities. Sometimes being jealous can sometimes be a good thing or a bad thing. If your significant other gets jealous if someone tries to hit on you, It doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad thing. It just simply means that they care for you and want you all for themselves.You are their prized possession. Now on the other hand, if your partner gets jealous of you because of the things you have or your success then that is a Red flag. Your partner maybe has some insecurities they need to deal with. It doesn’t necessarily mean the relationship should be over but you should atleast sit down and have a deep conversation with your partner.

That is all about the topic of relationships but I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope it finds you well. Definitely keep some of these aspects in mind so you know what type of things you’re getting into when looking for a relationship. Just be true to yourself and your partner and everything will go in your favor. I hope you come back soon next week for another surprise topic! You are beautiful anddon’t forget “You are Live and Bright and it’s time to let those BEAUTIFUL STRUCTURES SHINE”-Rose & Brittany.